Monday, July 30, 2012

Look What I Made: Classroom Pennant Banner

I am so excited to join my first Monday Made It! 4th Grade Frolics hosts this great linky every Monday and it is so much fun to explore and see what everyone is making! I wish I was craftier haha. I don't do a lot of crafting, but I am pretty pleased with this attempt :)

I'm sure that many of you have seen the cute pennant banners that have been floating around Pinterest lately. If not, here is an example of what inspired me to make my own.

First I went to Joann's (hello teacher discount!) and picked out a bunch of different scrapbook paper to coordinate with my classroom colors and in lots of fun patterns. ( I stuck with a blue, green, black, white, and gray theme. Those are the colors I am shooting for in my classroom as an attempt at a basic color theme.)

Then I traced triangles on the scrapbook paper, I was able to get 2-3 per 12X12 piece of paper.

After I cut out all of the triangles I hole punched the top of the triangle on both ends.

Then I arranged the patterns and strung them onto yarn.

And this is the finished product. It is hanging above my side whiteboard in my classroom. I totally love it! Isn't absolutely adorable?!? Easiest DYI ever! And it adds so much! :D

Do you have any Pinterest inspired projects that you have made for your classroom this summer?  I would love to hear about and see them! :)



Shannon Kirby said...

Cute! I love scrapbook paper. I use it to frame my kids work. ;) Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower.

Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

Tales of a Teachaholic said...

Very cute! Do you hang an alphabet in your classroom? I was debating this year and I'm wondering what other teachers do. Thanks!
- Michele

Dray said...

Michele- I do have an alphabet strip that is hanging above my other white board. I have two boards in my room. This board is on the side wall and with the fire attachment above it I didn't have room for the alphabet over there so I put it over our front board. :)

Second Grade Chatter said...

I just LOVE your banner!!! I just added it to my list of things to do!! I am your newest follower. Always love finding 2nd grade teachers to follow. Stop by my blog and check it out!!

Mrs. Woodbury said...

I just made my own classroom banner tonight. I used fabric but wished I would have thought to use heavy duty scrapbook paper, yours looks great.
Come check mine out in the next couple days (when I get a chance to blog about it)
Also I nominated you for a blog award, come get it at my blog.

Mrs. W

Yvonne Dixon said...

Love this Dray! Very cute. I just went to a wedding shower the other day that had a darling banner made out of brown paper bags! Love it!-YvonneSassy in Second

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