Friday, July 27, 2012

First Day Jitters Linky!

I don't know about you, but my first day of school is coming up pretty quickly. I am getting more and more nervous as it approaches. I love reading the book "First Day Jitters" to my class on the first day (and it was very appropriate last year as I was a first year teacher and was probably more nervous than my kiddos! Well Ashley at Fierce in Fourth is having a First Day Jitters linky party for us all to share our jitters about the upcoming school year and to be able to give advice to others.

Since this is my second year teaching (at the same school) I do not have as many jitters as I did last year. However, a lot has changed and I still feel like I have so much to learn so I definitely have my share of the jitters!

These are the things that are making me have nightmares, keeping me up at night, taking over my thoughts... jittery:

1. I am nervous because I am going to be the only second grade teacher (our enrollment went down a bit and my team mate got promoted to Reading Specialist) it is kind of scary to think that I won't have a team mate to work with, bounce ideas off of, vent to, etc. But I do have a wonderful relationship with the teachers at my school and I know that everyone will still be there for me even if they aren't teaching the same grade.

2. I am getting a rougher group of kids this year ( I was blessed with an AMAZING class for my first year!!) I am nervous about keeping control and I really plan on working on and honing on my classroom management skills.

3. Since I am the only class my class will be larger this year, and since I work for a charter it dictates that if the class size is over a certain amount (but under the requirement to split) that I am guaranteed a full time aide. I know that this is a huge blessing that many never get! However, it is making me nervous, I will be someones superior. I get nervous when other adults are in the room as I feel as if I'm being judged. I know that that is not really true and that it will probably end up being a great thing and I will love having her. But it still makes me nervous. I just don't really know what to expect from a classroom aide. I am praying that our personalities mesh and that she will just be an excellent resource and partner.   It is just odd to me that I am going to be in charge of another adult. I'm sure that I am just over thinking everything and it will all work out. If any of you have any tips for what you have your aide do or for working with an aide I would LOVE to hear them!

Those are my biggest jitters (there are a lot of other ones, but I know that those will fade as I continue to set up my room and return for preservice.)

Go link up with Ashley and share your First Day Jitters!



Gina said...

I would feel the same ay as you if we had aides. We don't and probably never will but when someone comes in my room even for a few minutes I get nervous. I student taught in a room that had an aide though and it really was a great thing! As long as it is someone you mesh with it will be great. Ours did all our copying, graded papers, took a small group, helped kids when the teacher was helping someone else, hung stuff, took stuff down... she was amazing! Hopefully you get someone like her :)

Dray said...

Thanks! That what I am hoping for. I think as long as our personalities mesh that it will be a great resource once I get used to it. I really hope that she is just willing to do whatever I need her to do! :)

Amanda Madden said...

Yay! Another 2nd grade blogger! Just found you through the blog hop. :) I can't imagine not having a teammate to teach with (we had 10 second grade teachers last year!), but at least you'll have lots of support from your new blogger friends!

Teaching Maddeness

Ashley Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by my jitters blog hop!

I can't believe you're going to be the only 2nd grade teacher... and it's only your 2nd year!!! I bet you'll still be able to go to the 1st and 3rd grade teachers to bounce ideas off of. :)

Good luck!
Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

Ms. Feuerstack said...

Hi, I have nominated you for an award. You can check it out at Fun and Learning in First.

tamberly said...

I am a second grade teacher also, and though I have 3 teammates I have been told our group coming to us is probably the worst behavior wise that we've had in a very long time. I get jitters about it too! We can do it!!!


A Window Into Mrs Wheeler's Class

Mrs.T said...

I had an aide for an hour or so a day two years ago. I think it really matter the personality of the EA. She would come in and jump right in to help with whatever she saw. I had a hard time asking for help, so it helped she would just find something to do. She was great with the kiddos. You will do great!

Teaching Mrs.T

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