Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Power of Positivity

Wow... Sorry all, it has been a crazy two weeks with my kiddos and I have been coming home completely exhausted! My group is a rough one this year and we've been dealing with some behavior issues, trying to perfect routines, and lots and lots of talking. 26 kiddos sure makes for a LOUD group! It is absolutely crazy how loud they can be...
There is another issue with this group, they do not respond well with any sort of negative focus when correcting their behavior (what kids do really?) That being said, one of my biggest goals for this year was to create a more positive environment overall and really focus on the positive aspects of my students. One of the biggest ways I have decided to implement these goals in my classroom was by introducing the clip chart:

This thing is really working wonders! It is something new for the majority of my kiddos and parents, but as I explain it to them I see them loving the idea as much as I do. :) Especially my parents, many of them have already expressed that they like that their child has the opportunity to be recognized for their good work and not just the bad choices. It is also amazing when I can call out two kids who are doing exactly what I asked and have them move their clip up. Immediately the whole class is doing what I would like them to do!

I am also really working on approaching things in a positive manner with my students. We are working on lots of incentives and I am making an extra effort to be really positive and encouraging when they do the right thing the first time! I am really noticing how much of a difference this is making with my kids and how well they are responding. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't a terribly mean and negative teacher last year (I realize that is what may be coming across, but that is definitely not my intention...) but I am just making an extra effort to add extra positivity to our classroom.

Earlier this week I picked up my kids from a special and they were having a rough time getting in line correctly. I was working with them with the procedures/positivity that I've been using from day 1 and the special teacher looked at me and said "Well, I just told them that they are the worst behaved class in the whole school!" Her comment really took me by surprise as I had felt that though they were not perfect by any means! That we had really been working on their behavior and being positive about the things they do well. And even I felt a little defeated by her comment as I'm sure the kids did as well. It's amazing how important positivity is even for us adults! Her attitude made me even more determined to remain positive with these kids!
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Sorry, this was so long and wordy. I am just trying to reflect and remain positive, even though sometimes it seems as if they will never catch on!!



Mrs. M said...

I totally hear you! I had "that" class last year, and my co-worker has "that" class this year. Trust me, it will get better. I am blown away by that teacher's comment, but it just shows that your kiddos need you more than ever to believe in them- and there is a reason why they are with you. I love your positive attitude! Keep your head up & hang in there :)

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