Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keep Calm...

Hello all....

Sorry I've dropped off the face of the earth this week. We started school on Monday and boy am I exhausted! I have the biggest class at my small school this year (26 kiddos!) it just feels like there are SO MANY kids! I can't believe how big that class size feels! We have had a busy couple of days getting to know each other and with some kids already testing their boundaries. I am sticking to my guns though and they are quickly finding out that they are not going to get away with much :) (at least that's what I hope that they are finding out ;)

It's also been so stinking hot here! We've been under a heat advisory and that means we haven't had recess ( indoor recess DOES NOT count!) So it's been a hectic day. But I am glad to say that I feel like today went much better (despite the problems we had) and that I will make it through the year. I am just nervous as I have a lot of dynamic personalities and some kids who coming in pretty far behind. It's going to be an interesting year, but I'm just hoping and praying that this year goes well and that I can manage to teach these kids all they need to know! I am hopefully optimistic, but we will see how it goes.

Hope those of you who have started this week that all is going well! I hope that you all have a fabulous year!

Here is a a great reminder :)
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